The Full Story

About Me

I am different things to different people depending on your needs and how we align in the process.

Jewelry Artist 🎨 Painter

Intuitive Guide

Child Care Provider

Writer/ Poet/ Photographer

I am an Intuitive/ Spiritual Guide and I also love to write poetry, paint, make jewelry using natural crystals, wood, animal bones, and rocks found in nature.


I feel inspired by the Stars and The Universe in the Upper Realm, Animals, and Plants here on Mother Earth, The Divine Feminine, & Ancient Civilizations Spirituality like Incas from Peru, Mayans from Mesoamerica, and Ancient Egypt.


I was drawn to science and mathematics from an early age and I got my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the age of 24.  However, after a difficult separation and divorce, I started a journey of self-discovery at age of 27 and decided to direct my energy into the healing arts. Painting was my first love, but I kept evolving spiritually over the years.


I grew up in a loose Orthodox Christian upbringing during the very harsh communism system of the 1980s in Romania, where I was born and raised; as a result, I searched to find myself spiritually over and over again. My spirituality encompasses a firm belief in the Law of Cause and Effect, The Universal understanding that there is not only one religion but many religions with the same common ground: kindness and love for our fellow human beings and Mother Earth. 


I have over 5 years of experience in sensing and healing through spiritual guidance, energy, crystals, and sacred plants. I am mostly self-thought and deeply grateful to my many teachers whose paths I crossed in Romania, the United States, Canada, and Peru to learn the various approaches to healing the body, mind, and spirit of humans and animals.


My path was treacherous and filled with many obstacles, from Complex PTSD to severe depression, and anxiety. I continue to accept that my pain was rooted in past unhealed trauma; yet the light shines the brightest, just like the moon in darkness. Darkness, as well as light, are needed to reach a state of happiness and joy, our birthright, while we visit this magical dimension on Mother Earth.


Blessing and Peace,



Credentials :

  • Practice  Healing Ways of the Indigenous People & Learn to Heal with Herbs, Crystals, Essential Oils, and Pure Energy at Shawanga Healing Center, Ontario, Canada, January - March 2020

  • 5 Years Personal Practice in  Mindfulness, Nidra & Kriya Yoga,

  • 2 Years Shamanic Journeying & Soul Retrieval Practice

  • Volunteer & Participant at different Ayuasca Healing Retreat Centers in Sacred Plant Ceremonies in the  Amazonian Jungle of Peru,  June 2017- Present

  • Art Instructor and Peer Advocate for Mental Health Wellness Programs, Los Angeles, California, 2010 - 2013

  • Visual Artist, Los Angeles, California, and Toronto Canada, 1998-2020

  • Landmark Curriculum for Living Certification, 2008-2011, Los Angeles, CA

  • Mechanical Engineering Diploma, Bucharest, Romania, 1994 - 2004


The Mission of Crystal Forest Energy is quite simple. To honor, respect and learn from Mother Earth how live in harmony with our surroundings. Nature teaches us if you watch and listen. It teaches as stillness and patience. love and sharing. beauty and courage. fiercenes and gentle ways of being.


I aim to bring and support you in the process of learning how to live in harmony with your beautiful heart. your mind. your spirit and your surroundings despite the stressful demands of our modern world. 

A raw crystal or a piece of natural crystal jewelry infused with smudging sage or your favorite essential oil could accomplish this. 


Intuitive guidance in times of confusion, illness, or "I don't know what's next" can help you come back to your heart center and honor who you truly are. 

There is a process in everything, a cycle of death and rebirth, patience with ourselves and never giving up yet being gentle with ourselves.